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Membrane of society is an audio visual band working to make conceptual sets for live performance 

 Video Mixing (VJ) - 3D/2D Animation - Video Editing- 


Membrane of Society


Animation · Design · Digital Art · Videography · VJ

I have been developing an understanding and unique approach to worldbuilding and storytelling through media, art, and branded projects since my first business in 2013. 

Recently I graduated from Pomona College in May of 2019, with a B.A. in Media Studies, with a concentration in Film and Digital Production.

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Infinite Questions On Nothing (I.Q.O.N.) is a conceptual world building project, that evolved out of my earlier clothing brands and interests in language, reality and representation. As a part of my Senior Media Thesis at Pomona College, I constructed this page in tandem with an original manifesto which acts as a theoretical framework for this project. I.Q.O.N. is a branded approach to representing this manifesto that exists as original character based animations and product. 

Motion Graphics - Screen Printing - Product Design - Event Coordination - Marketing & Ads - Sales 

Infinite Questions On Nothing


Mountain Bug is a small team of individuals working to build an extended reality lab that designs media, experiences, and apps that promote cooperative re-imagination of space, behavior and social interactions. 

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3D Animation - AR - VR - Freeware - Experiences

Mountain Bug