Live Visual Loops


Animated clips created for live video mixing. 

3D/2D Animation - Video Editing-  Video Mixing (VJ) -

Infinite Questions On Nothing


Infinite Questions On Nothing (I.Q.O.N.) is a conceptual world-building project, that evolved out of my earlier clothing brands and interests in language, reality, and representation. As a part of my Senior Media Thesis at Pomona College, I wrote an original manifesto that acts as a theoretical framework for this project. I also created a series of character-driven animations and footage manipulated gifs to represent the brand identity.  

Motion Graphics - Screen Printing - Product Design - Photography - Event Coordination - Marketing & Ads - Sales 

Take A Knee


Take A Knee is a platform that provides students, teachers, and coaches access to a wealth of proprietary football knowledge. I have joined the Take A Knee team as the art director and web developer to lead the organization's transition into an online subscription service. It was started by Coach Coco Jarin and is crafted from over 40 years of clinics, coaches, and championship experience. The website will be live in February 2020.

Motion Graphics - Graphic Design - Web UI - Social Media Marketing & Ads  

Digital Designs


Animation · Design · Digital Art · Videography · VJ

I have been developing an understanding and unique approach to worldbuilding and storytelling through media, art, and branded projects since my first business in 2013. 

Recently I graduated from Pomona College in May of 2019, with a B.A. in Media Studies, with a concentration in Film and Digital Production.

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2019 Animation reel