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As a visual artist and designer, I make clothes, short-films, animations, posters, publications, prints, and take photos. Currently I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Media Studies and Production at Pomona College (Class 2019). My time at Pomona, has equipped me with an understanding of narrative theory and visual culture; as well as production courses, that have further developed my creation, distribution and consumption of media. 

My work is situated at the intersection of animation, installation, product and storytelling in order to explore with  interactive multimedia experiences. I value satire, comedy, and poetry. I believe these are the spaces in which genuine thinking occurs, thus they hold the potential to create transformative works that can change both how people engage with media and how media functions in society. I aim to one day to create animations for live projections at music shows, galleries, ceremonies, and a plethora of other spaces. 


These days you can find me learning animation/ 3D modeling software and making short films, as I transition from focusing on graphic design for apparel to motion graphics. 

Currently I'm in the Los Angeles area for school, by way of New York City and Pittsburgh. I'm always looking for new creative projects to work on. Feel free to contact me directly at

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