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Fetishize//Facade is a dual cover meta-drag, meme collage, visual essay interrogation of culture. It depicts negotiations of internalized and externalized signifiers as a byproduct of cultural fetishizations and facades of naturalized power relations.More specifically it focuses on the racial and sexually fetishizing nature of identity constructions, along with a critique of aesthetical equality and the rule of law. It was created in collaboration with Sara Gonzalez-Bautista 

Link to the E-Book


Dystopian Paradise - Coming Soon

This design magazine aims to both imagine solutions and to contribute questions to pressing discussions surrounding future organizations of society, at varying scales. As liberation, alternative living, and sustainability movements congruent with western imperialist global capitalism combine with rapid advancements in a mix of Virtual/Augmented Reality and artificial intelligence technologies, there is a pressing need to question future landscapes of media distribution – and the resulting implications on constructions of society. This magazine is interested in creating space for a nuanced discussion of power and hegemony – one that considers and embrace both Marxist and capitalist theories/solutions. Some main topics in this magazine are economic sustainability, surveillance, "alternative living", ritual, policing, environment and social media landscapes. 


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